We respect your privacy in a kebly home and take the safety of your shopping online seriously. But in order to be able to provide you the best goods and service customers more efficient and quick updates we we record a range of information through your visit to our website. To protect your privacy better, we would like to show you our practices through the Internet and how they are related to your information collection and use.


Means (Privacy Policy) We have a way that we collected and we keep our use and how to protect your personal information and it is important that you are familiarized themselves with the privacy policy. I mean personal information is information associated with a particular person which is used in the definition of it.


We do not take into account any anonymous information as it does not constitute personal information, but we do collect personal information from those wishing to use kebly Home (https://keblyhome.com) or linked web pages (including for the purpose of buying or selling merchandise or merchandise). When you contact us by phone or email, our user support center team). Once you provide us with your personal information, you have authorized us to process this information in accordance with our Terms and Conditions (Privacy Policy).


  • Methods of information collection and use:

          - Information gathering:

At kebly Home, we collect information from you using different methods on our site. One of the purposes of collecting your personal information is to provide an effective and valuable experience tailored to you. For example, we may use your personal information to:

          - Facilitate the use of the site you do not have to enter your information again.

          - Help you find information, products and services quickly.

          - Help us in (creating and presenting) the contents of interest to you on the site.

          - alert for any updates or new products or services we offer.


  • Registration and application:

Before you use (the contents or sections or components) certain of the site or use it for placing your order, you need to complete the register process on our website, and during registration you will be asked to provide us with certain personal information, including your name, gender, age and address of your residence and shipping addresses, and phone number and email address and card number your credit, This type of personal information is used for reasons related to (purchase invoices), completion of your order and communication with you on matters relating to your order and our site and also for internal marketing reasons. In the event that we have any problem with the completion of your application, it is possible to use your personal information you have provided us to communicate with you.




  • Email address:

Many parts of the site ask you to enter your email for reasons related to free promotions and in response to your request that we notify you of new products, latest models, offers or participation in our newsletters, Your participation in any of our contests is optional and you may choose to participate and disclose to us some of the information used later to inform the winners of the competitions and give them prizes. The names and locations of the competition can be mentioned on our official website.


  • cookies and other technological methods used files:

Like many other sites, kebly Home employs cookies and web beacons, also known as clear GIF technology or business tags, to speed up navigation on the site, identify you and your access privileges, and track your use of the site.


Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored as text files by the web browser you use on your computer's hard drive. Most Internet browsers are set to accept cookies. You can set your web browser to reject these files from websites or remove them from your hard drive, but you will not be able to access or use some parts of the site if you do. We must at the site of a kebly home use cookies to enable you to choose the products and put them in a shopping cart and complete the purchase, If you maintain the acceptance of these files option we will be able to get a record on Ptcefg Internet and purchase, and assure you that your cookies location kebly home is not "spyware" as it does not penetrate to the user's hard drive to collect confidential personal information and can not do so .

Network beacons help deliver cookies and help us determine whether a particular page has been viewed on the site and how many views. For example, any electronic image on this site, such as advertising banners, can be considered network beacons.


We may use in a kebly home of a third party advertising companies to help us in our content or design you provide ads on our behalf. These companies may employ certain cookies and network beacons to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns (such as which pages were visited and what products and quantities were purchased). None of the personal information collected by Kebly Home is linked to any information collected by these third parties using cookies and network beacons.


  • Log files:

Like other sites, the kebly Home server automatically recognizes the Internet link you use to access the site. As we can record the Internet protocol address (IP Address your), The Internet provider that you are using, the date and time you access to the system management services and confirm your request for reasons in internal marketing and related causes troubleshooting and correction system. (It is possible that the title of your protocol refers to the location of your computer on the Internet).


  • Age:

We respect the privacy of children before me web site kebly home. Therefore, we do not intentionally or unintentionally collect personal information from children under the age of 18 So you are asked to site a kebly home in many of its divisions that are certainly you either over the age of 18 or you are using the site under the supervision of the parent or guardian. If you are under 18, please do not hand over your personal information to us And count on your guardian in it.


  • Product Reviews:

You can choose to evaluate a particular product. If you post your comment, we will ask you to provide us with your email and your location. Once you publish the rating, your name will appear to other users (but your email will not be disclosed). We also note that any personally identifiable or personally identifiable information you publish in the assessment you place on the product is public and will be visible to other users. In this case, kebly home will not be liable for any personal information you choose to publish in your ratings. We believe you can make useful ratings without having to disclose any personal information.


  • use and disclosure of information:

          - Internal use:

You used a kebly home of your personal information to complete your order and provide you with good customer service. It is possible to use your personal information internally in order to improve our content and design and increase its spread and private marketing reasons (including products and services marketing for you) and to determine the general information related to our visitors to the market.


  • Communicate with you:

We will use your personal information to communicate with you with regard to the site and your orders and shipments. We also send you a confirmation message when you register with us. It is also possible to send you in rare cases when it is needed, As ads related to services provided by kebly home (For example, notifying you that our services have been temporarily interrupted for maintenance reasons). You may also provide us with your e-mail for specific reasons such as requesting that we notify you when a new model or product arrives by registering for our e-mail newsletters, If you provide us with your email we will use it to deliver information to you. kebly home always leaves you with the option to cancel your subscription or opt out of future messages (For more details see section to withdraw from the messages below). However, because we have to communicate with you regarding your placed orders, you will not be able to cancel the request-related messages from reaching your email.


Like other sellers through the Internet, we sometimes we use a third party to do some tasks on our behalf. When we disclose any information to these service providers, we disclose information to help them perform their services. For example, kebly home should share some information in order to deliver the products to you as we are in agreement with third parties (and make sure they are delivered and this enables us to get feedback, improve the quality of our services and measure and improve the quality of the services provided by the third party. In the example of shipping companies we provide personally identifiable information such as your name, shipping address, email and phone number.

kebly Home may be forced to disclose some personal information in response to law enforcement officials during investigations, subpoenas, and court orders, or if we are required to disclose some of this information by law. We will also disclose certain personal information in cases where disclosure of such information is important in defending our legal rights, enforcing our Terms of Use or any other agreements, or protecting ourselves or others. For example, we may share information that reduces the risk of fraud or if someone attempts to use our site for unlawful reasons or to commit fraud.

We may share non-personal information (such as the number of visitors to a particular page or the size of an order placed on a particular date) with third parties such as our advertising partners. This information does not know you personally or by any other user.


  • Information Security:

This site integrates the actual electronic and administrative procedures to provide appropriate to the privacy of your personal information protection. These procedures use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on all financial transactions through our. At kebly Home we use SSL encryption to protect your personal information online and we take a number of steps to protect your personal information at our facilities. The process of accessing your personal information is restricted so that it is only accessible to people who need it for certain work. Finally, we rely on a third party physical protection service provider to protect some of our devices. We believe that the protection that they carry out effective measures, for example: When you visit our site you arrive at servers stored in a real environment protected in a closed cage behind a secure electronic firewall.

Although we are using the precautionary measures according to industry standards to protect your personal information, but we can not provide an absolute guarantee protection. The ability to provide 100% protection is not available anywhere, whether online or otherwise.


  • withdrawal from our website:

Upon your request we will following: (a) correct or update your personal information, (b) stop sending messages to your e-mail, (c) cancel your account to stop any future purchases from this account. You can apply through our User Information section or by contacting us by phone or by sending your request via e-mail to the Customer Service Department at kebly Home (info@keblyhome.com). Email.


  • Collecting information using non-Internet media:

As expected, most of the information available at kebly Home is collected through the website. Please note that this Privacy Policy mentioned here apply only to the process of collecting information through the Internet, but we are also trying to protect the privacy of your personal information is online. For example, it is possible to talk with us client is developing a request or to ask a question. During this call we only ask about the personal information we need to answer the question. When we need to store one of the information provided through the call (such as application information) we are entered into our database through SSL encryption system (See Data Protection section above for more details.) There are other ways we can find information in ways other than the Internet, For example, someone may send us a message with return address information. Please note that we are not trying through the discussion of this item that we restrict or discuss all methods and uses of information collected in ways outside the Internet.


  • Updates to the Privacy Policy:

Our work is constantly changing, so our privacy policy may be affected and need a parallel change. We will publish the current version of this Privacy Policy on the Site and will remain in effect since its publication on the Site or on the date we set by us as the effective date.

We may periodically send reminders via email with our notifications and conditions, but you should check your frequent visit to our site for the latest changes.

You should check the Privacy Policy regularly.

          - If you continue to use the Site after any changes, you agree to this Privacy Policy as amended.


  • Uses:

Personal data collected will only be used for the purpose of providing you with the required products or services or for other purposes that you have agreed to, unless otherwise provided by law.

- What is the use of your information? Any of the data we have collected from you will be used in one of the following ways:

Diagnose your experience: Your information helps us better respond to your personal needs

To improve our site: We always strive to improve what our site offers based on the information and feedback we get from you

To improve customer service level: your information helps us to effectively respond to requests from the customer service and support needs you need

To process financial transactions: Your information, whether public or private, will not be sold, exchanged, transferred to any other company for any reason without your consent except in cases of delivery of goods or any other services.

To send periodic messages: The email you provide during the order process can be used to send information or any updates regarding your request. It is also sometimes used to deliver company news and updates or any information about connected products and services, among others.

  • If you have any questions regarding your data on the website, please contact us(info@keblyhome.com) and give us an accurate description of your inquiries, and we will respond to them.